On Being the Home of the Christian Motorcyclists’ Association



The Christian Motorcyclist Association (CMA) is a Christian, interdenominational non- profit organization that was established in 1975. The organization is set of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the enter motorist community. Arkansas has been home to the organization since it was began by an Arkansas pastor, Herb Steve. The fact of the matter is that in many cases people rarely consider that just like other people out there motorists too need to know about the good news of salvation that is being offered by Jesus Christ. In many cases, these people end up being ignored and set aside. These people do not have many friends outside the people they go on motoring adventures with. As a result, they may only know what is known by others within the group.

As a way to get to the motorcyclist community and tell them about the gospel, the Christian Motorcyclists Association has come up with a MeetUp fellowship method where the people are allowed to come together and worship God as one. Although this is a social group that tries to create fun for everyone and the whole group,MeetUp should not be confused with hook up. It is not a dating organization. It combines the ideas of all individuals, those dating, singles and those who are married. You are also welcome if you are in a complicated situationship, no one cares as long as you are interested in fellowshipping with others and learning more about being a Christian.

Owning a motorcycle is thrilling. It is fun being able to go anywhere you want at high speeds and owning a machine that is almost as fast as a Ferrari but it is small enough to avoid being stuck in traffic for hours. It is thrilling to have that group of people you can share cycling jokes and experiences with. Arkansas as a home for the Christian Motorcyclists Association, has been a place where motorcyclist do not just share things concerning bikes and that they are also encouraged to grow spiritually and emotionally but supporting each other and allowing everyone to have the chance to show that they too can be helpful in the community. That they can be among the people who serve as pillars praying for and with each other. More than the thrill of cycling together is the thrill of knowing there are people who will love you always no matter what you have done and what you are going through.

Being the home of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, Arkansas has set an example that will be followed by other towns. It has therefore included the people who do not own motorcycles. As long as one is interested in fellowshipping, they are welcome to come with their vehicles, minister and fellowship with the team. You no longer have to own a motorcycle to be part of the team because you are welcome. So if you are a rider at heart, the Christian Motorcyclists Association whose original home is Arkansas is open to allow you the chance to fellowship.



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