The Climate and People of Hatfield



The Climate and People of Hatfield

Located in Polk County right near the Ouachita National Forest and the border with Oklahoma, the Arkansas town of Hatfield is a place that may be very small but has a comfortable climate while also being home to some of the finest people in the state. These include many people who strongly hold onto their religious values. There’s even one rather noteworthy organization based out of the town that is all about faith in a unique manner.

A Look At the climate

The climate in Hatfield is known for being rather hot at times. The summer seasons are filled with plenty of hot and humid days. It is not unusual for temperatures to reach triple digits during the summer. Also, while it can rain on occasion, it is typically dry for at least two-thirds of a typical month during the summer. In other words, it can be hard to find relief from the heat during the summer in Hatfield.

Fortunately, the winters are not as hard as they are in other places. It can get to be below freezing during the winter evenings in Hatfield but it almost never snows in the town. In addition, temperatures typically stick to the lower or middle twenties during the evening hours and can get into the fifties during the daytime.

The air is still relatively humid during the winter months in Hatfield. Humidity levels can get to at least 80 percent in some cases.

What About the People?

There aren’t many people in Hatfield; specifically, there are only about 400 people living in the town. The demographics for Hatfield, according to the 2000 census, state that the demographics aren’t too varied. About 95 percent of the population in Hatfield is white, for instance. A little more than half of the people here are married while close to 30 percent of the households have children eighteen years of age or younger. About a quarter of the people living in Hatfield are also below the poverty line.

However, the people in Arkansas are calm and kind people who are very supportive of one another. Much of this is thanks to how they are religious people. Many of them can be found at one of the many churches in the town like the First Baptist Church or the Assembly of God Church.

In fact, Hatfield is even home to one of the more unique Christian organizations in the world. It is the headquarters for the Christian Motorcyclists Association. This organization, which features about 125,000 members around the world, was formed as a means of providing God’s word and the message of the church to motorcyclists. This ministry travels to various different motorcycle rallies around the world and encourages people to consider letting God into their lives. The organization has expanded to reach many different types off riders; there’s even an off-road chapter of the organization that targets quad sports enthusiasts.

The people of Hatfield are truly fascinating as they are caring even though there isn’t much diversity out here. The climate in the town is also relatively nice although it can get to be very hot during the summer season.

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